Capital E advises firms and organizations on scaling and financing renewable energy, green building, energy efficiency, and smart surfaces.



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Industry Redesign and Market Positioning

Capital E was hired by and worked directly with the CEOs of the 4 largest US cast and ductile iron manufacturing firms to guide their firms and industry through a fundamental rethink and redesign of objectives and market positioning to embrace new green industry and green building standards, including for the first time undertaking factory and product lifecycle evaluations to benchmark and guide future performance objectives and incentives.

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Sustainable Development

Capital E is the Energy and Sustainability Adviser to Redbrick LMD on energy, environment, and impact for 5 million square feet of development in Washington, D.C.


Capital E published Delivering Urban Resilience, a study quantifying the cost and benefits of city-wide adoption of Smart Surfaces across Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and El Paso to strengthen resilience, improve health and livability, reduce urban inequality, and slow global warming while saving billions of dollars. View report page

Capital E was hired by World Bank to help design major new green building investment program ($500 million in 2015). 

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Capital E is the convener and principal organizer of the Smart Surfaces Coalition. The Coalition of 40 leading organizations is committed to the rapid, cost-effective global adoption of smart surfaces to enable cities to thrive despite climate threats, save cities billions of dollars, decrease heat, reduce flood risk, slow global warming, and increase city livability, health, equity and jobs. More info

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Capital E has advised several renewable energy financing firms in the United States and internationally on a variety of renewable energy project financing deals including solar PV, wind, CHG, and others.

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Capital E has advised cleantech firms seeking growth capital, including green building, renewable energy developers, energy efficiency/energy services companies, and others.



Capital E President, Greg Kats, served as the Principal Adviser to Enterprise Community Partners, a billion-dollar affordable housing developer, guiding the firm in creating Green Communities, a comprehensive, cost-effective standard for green and healthy design. Enterprise Green Communities has been used as the basis in the design of 60,000 units of affordable housing. It has become the national (and increasingly the international) design standard for green affordable housing.

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Capital E published this report on the impact climate change will have on cities' credit rating if they do not adopt sufficient climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies such as smart surfaces. This work was published in a  leading risk and insurance journal here. Download full report here.


Served as Environmental Adviser to Sir James Goldsmith. Proposed and secured funding to develop national clean energy organizations in central European countries. One of these centers is EnergoBit, now the largest clean energy ESCO in central and eastern Europe.