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Keynote Speeches

Greenbuild 2019,  The Future of LEED - November 2019

Keynote Speaker, United Nations First Annual Annual Global Climate Restoration Forum - September 2019

Keynote Speaker, Denver, National Pace Conference – February 2017

Fourth Seoul International Energy Conference, Seoul, South Korea – November 2016

2016 ACEEE Energy Efficiency Finance Forum, Newport, Rhode Island – May 2016

Workshop on Bringing Public Health into Urban Revitalization, National Academy of Sciences – November 2014

Launch of the Portuguese translation of Greg’s book“Greening Our Built World”, Sao Paulo, Brazil – April 2014

Green Real Estate Conference 2014, Toronto, Canada – March 2014

Annual conference of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), Palm Beach, Florida – November 2013

Green California Summit, Sacramento, California – April 2013

Second International Green Building Summit, Istanbul, Turkey – February 2013

Envirotech and Clean Energy Investor Summit US 2012, New York City, New York – April 2012

First International Green Building Summit, Istanbul, Turkey – February 2012

24th NREL Industry Growth Forum, Denver, Colorado – November 2011

Opening of the Idaho Integrated Design Lab – April 2011

First National Italian Green Building Council Conference – March 2011

Toronto’s Green Real Estate Forum – March 2011

Cleantech Focus – July 2010

Natl Research Council Federal High Performance Buildings Workshop – July 2010

International Finance Corporation (IFC) Cleantech – May 2010

Federal Energy Summit – May 2010

Cleantech Efficiency and Green Building Conference – September 2010

Opening of the Finnish Green Embassy – February 2010

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